June 24, 2018

coffee and me

I know a lot of you guys love coffee so much. But not me. I know I have a problem with coffee eversince my mom made me drink one so I can focus on studying all night long when I was in uni. The fact is, coffee did make me stay all night and study well, but the caffeine also made me dizzy and nervous. But I kept drinking it everytime I had exams and I have to be honest those days weren't the best. Coffee makes me anxious; everytime I drink coffee my heart will pound real fast like there's this T-Rex trying to chase me down and I have to run as fast as I can or else I'm gonna die (seriously guys, go watch Jurassic World if you haven't). So yeah, coffee makes me jittery. I think it's just not for me. When I graduated, that was it. Goodbye. No more coffee. Forever.

Whenever me and my friends go out on weekend, most of the time we will always end up in coffee shop (read: Starbucks). But no coffee for me. Sometimes I just 'smuggle' a cup of bubble tea from next door, haha!

These past years, there are lots of newly opened coffee shops in town. It seems like people love chilling at coffee shop more than cafes or restaurants. They compete on their coffee bean, brewing technique, and many other things that I don't understand because I hate coffee. And again, people seem so into it! Even my friends would go to every coffee shop opened just to test the originality of the coffee (which when I try a sip, it all tastes the same for me LOL).

But here is a plot twist for you.

I crave for coffee now!

Interesting, right? I'm still amazed at myself right until this very second. Don't get me wrong, coffee still makes me anxious. Like A LOT. But it seems like my body needs the anxiety.

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