July 12, 2016

Diary of a Sleepless Child

In the early years of our life, people often ask what our hobby is. And my answers will always change over time. Primary-School me claimed cycling as a hobby, simply because I spent most of my free times after school riding my bicycle around the block. And, ehm... My achievement was riding bicycle with both of my hands up for 2 laps, lol.

As I grew older, my hobby evolved to reading. Why? Because instead of just cycling around the block, Junior-High-School me loved to ride the bicycle to the bookstore nearby. Then I will spend hours and hours and hours reading comics and novels for free! Don't ask me how, but I always managed not to get caught by security for silently unwrapping those plastics and hiding them under the bookshelf. (P.S: I didn't do it all by myself. My cousins were always there to cooperate. We were like the ultimate brats back then ;))

Then, entering Senior High School moment, I had more pocket money so I could finally buy and collect all the romance novels I love. During those period of times, my friends at school always borrowed novels from me (and some of the books never came back *cry*). I'm pretty confident to say that it was because I have bought almost every single novels in Gramedia. Among all the novels I read, I was really obsessed with this one Indonesian novel called Lukisan Hujan by Sitta Karina. So, moving on, my next hobby after reading is writing!

I went crazy over Sitta Karina, that I decided to become a writer! I started learning from her, re-reading all her novels for idk how many times, and finally trying to write my own piece. So far I have written lots of short stories, poems, random thoughts, 2 (unfinished) novels, and well... this blog. I continued to write til I was in University. This writing thingy is actually my most serious and long-term hobby.

Now, if people ask me what my hobby is, my answer will also be different. I don't think writing is my hobby anymore (you can already tell by looking at this long-forgotten blog), nor cycling and reading #obviously!

According to dictionary, hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. To be honest, as what I have already mentioned before, I have no hobby. But, there is actually one thing I really love to do in my leisure time; sleeping! Hahaha. I mean, who doesn't?! In fact, all the shits you read above are just the intros to my main point, which is I love sleeping. 

Too bad, I have been lacking of sleep these past weeks (if not months). Last night, I didn't sleep at all. And the other night, I slept at 6 AM and woke up at 7 AM for God's sake. Don't say that I didn't try, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO MAKE MY GODDAMN EYES SHUT!! Well maybe not everything, I haven't tried the sleeping pills, and I don't think I ever will. 

I have tried drinking hot milk beforehand, drinking Tolak Angin, Actifed, Vicks Formula 44, keeping my phone as far away as possible, listening to lullaby (which is a bit scary to be honest, the melody was like some cemetery soundtrack wtf), I even tried this 'How to Fall Asleep in 1 Minute' method I got from Facebook. But none of those work! I'm getting a little bit stressed because of this sleep deprivation.

If any of you guys know how to solve this problem of mine, please do tell me! :(

I... Need... Sleep...

The Sleepless Child

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FK said...

Relax before sleep, accept that there are things you can't control today..
Know what you want to do tomorrow..
Put away any digital screen..like 3m AWAY far, turned off if needed..
Lay on bed, smile and have a great night sleep. ��