April 23, 2016

Some Things Just Never Change


I am in the mood for writing these days. But frankly I don't have anything good to write about. As years passed by, I can now conclude that I'm not a good writer. I'll just bury my dream to be a writer then. Haha! Actually, I'm thinking to write about my holiday to South Korea last week, but not now.

So, I just scrolled through my Instagram feeds, and I found my post from 2014

Basically I just posted my childhood photo and jotted down 20 facts about me. Now that I read those list, I can tell that nothing significant has changed eventho it's been 2 years! I'm still the same person as before! Hahahaha. 

Let's review!!!

1. I have no hobbies. Coz I love doing random stuff. 
Also, no life plan, no passion, and no dreams. My life is pretty random in general.

2. I love pink, Hello Kitty, & cute stuffs; typical normal girls! 
And Brown & Cony, and Gudetama, haha!

3. I'm not afraid of cockroach.

4. My fave drink is Ice Lemon Tea.

5. Unlike other girls, I don't wash my hair everyday. Twice/thrice a week is enough. Because washing hair is kinda a pain in the ass for me. It's tiring and it takes me more than 2,5 hour to get it done. #HairProblem 

6. I can't live without my straightening iron! (which explains point number 5) 

7. I honestly hate jeans.

8. Punctuation mistake is prolly my biggest pet peeve. I once wanted to be an Editor just because of this! I love correcting sentence structure, spacing, capital letter, quotation marks, parenthesis, etc. But no, not grammar mistakes, coz I'm not yet capable to be a Grammar Nazi. Lol. 
Still obsessed about this. Can I really just be an Editor?!

9. I'm socially awkward. I'm not comfortable meeting new people. I'm neither an introvert, nor an extrovert. I personally think I can be both!
Haha, my current job recently needed me to act as a spoke-person and to meet new people everyday and greet them. And guess what, I always get stressed every single time! It's been 3 months and I still can't get used to it. But, on the other hand, I talked to some new people outside office, and they all said that I am a very happy person who can always cheer them up, always give them positive aura. They all said I am so 'heboh' and 'bawel'. Strange huh?

10. I'm very picky! Especially in food. 

11. I hate being alone. I can't eat alone. I can't go to the mall alone. I can't shop alone. I can't be home alone. I don't like doing things by myself! 
Update! Update! Yeayy! Since I live alone now, I am forced to do several things all by myself. So yeah, I can go to the mall alone now. I can also eat in food court alone. 

12. I have trust issue. I'm a paranoid and insecure person. Believe me, I can never trust anybody wholeheartedly.

13. To be honest, I can never enjoy the taste of alcohol (beer, liquor, wine, you name it). But I enjoy drinking AND DANCING! I guess you can call me a social drinker.
Lol, the last time I went to the club, I was drunk like crazy. It was a month ago; me, my friends, and my cousins went to Fable & Blowfish. We sorta club-hopping, but I actually didn't drink that much. I can't remember clearly, but I did puke a lot, and I woke up very hungover. But still managed to go to church after. Haha.

14. I never smoke. Not even when I'm drunk.

15. Sorry to say, but I'm very ignorant. Especially to animals. I don't find animals need to be taken care of. No offense, pet lovers. But I don't hate them!! Puppies are still cute hehe. 
#FunFact: I actually went to a dog cafe at Hong Dae, Seoul. Even my friends surprised because I hugged a Labrador. HAHA!

16. I talk 'unyu' in daily basis. I love talking like kiddies. Lol, I know I'm 23, but I still do it anyway. 
Uhm, 25 now. And still doing it. Sorry not sorry :')

17. I love giving names! Not in a bad term of course. I just unintentionally created names for my friends, then it spontaneously became popular! Haha.

18. I prefer salt / sour than sweet.

19. My parents are not strict. They allow me to do anything. I can go home at anytime, even at 3 in the morning! I can say that I have a pretty free teenage life.

20. I'm a happy-go-lucky girl!

To be honest, I think this list will stay more or less the same forever. What do you think? Sorry but I'm just uniquely me. I love not being your ordinary Jessica. I love being me!

Much love!


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