April 25, 2016

K-Pop Fever

Let me share you my current favorite Korean songs! Basically these songs are EVERYWHERE in Korea! Whenever I came in to any stores (drugstores, cosmetic stores, malls, restaurants, even the street food tents!), these songs are on their playlist. To be honest I'm not a K-Pop hardcore fan, I don't know the names of the members, and even if I know, I'm pretty sure I can't tell which one is which hahaha. 
But hey.... It's okay right??? At least I already have this special bond with all Korean-related thingy these past years. And to top all my obsession up, I finally made it to Seoul to listen all those songs fresh from the origin lol!!!! (I promise I'll go back to Korea again :))

So, let's start!

1. Apink(에이핑크) - The Wave(네가 손짓해주면)

2. GFriend (여자친구)  -  Me Gustas Tu (오늘부터 우리는)

3. Descendants of the Sun OST - Always

4. Descendants of the Sun OST - You Are My Everything

 5. Descendants of the Sun OST - Talk Love (말해! 뭐해?)

6. AOA (크림) - Baby / I’m Jelly Baby (질투 나요)

7. 4MINUTE(포미닛) - Hate (싫어)

 8. TWICE (트와이스) - Ooh-Ahh (하게)

That's all for now!!
What do you think? Do you have other K-Pop songs I should listen to? Please do give some recommendations, I'm all ears ;)



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