September 8, 2015

Better Version of You

Being a very impatient person when it comes to YouTube ads, I always get annoyed whenever I cannot skip them. But to be honest, this one ad I'm about to tell you guys is totally mind-blowing I didn't even skip it! It only took me less than 20 seconds to be emotionally attached to this ad. It's not some touchy or heart-melting ads like those Thai ads you often saw being reposted on your Facebook timeline. For me, this one is more like a personal reflection ad.

The video started with an unexpected meeting of 2 long-lost friends. It's been 10 years since the last time they met and the guy said to his friend, "You haven't changed at all!" Boom! Guys, that sentence right there, is the whole point of this ad!

Have you ever think that the sentence 'You haven't changed at all' is actually really bad?

This ad teaches us that surely those are not the words we want to hear from an old friend. After several years parted, we would love them to say "Hey, I almost did not recognize you!" instead of "You haven't changed at all!" Because to be honest none of us are willing to stay the same, and none of us are willing to stay at the same place forever. We all want to change, to move forward! We want what we have today to be a foundation for what we will create tomorrow. And at the end, we all want to be a better version of ourselves, to be able to achieve our dreams in the future.

You can watch the video here:

For those who know me personally, you must have known what kind of person I actually am. Probably I'm your most stable friend ever. My life is basically just a series of repetitive events, like super flat with nothing interesting in it. When people ask, "How's life, Jess?"  My answer would be, "Nothing much, same old same old." Ask me today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, I guarantee that you will always get the same answer from me. 

Now, do I want to stay the same forever? To be the person with no dreams, no future plans, no nothing. Do I really want to have this flat life for as long as I live? Living day by day doing the same routines, no excitement, nothing to look for. To be honest this really confuses me...

This one friend of mine once asked me, "What's your value in life?" Then I answered, "What the heck, I don't even know it. What's the point anyway?" Then he concluded that my value is no value. My other friend said that the problem is I haven't found my true identity (which explained my happy-go-lucky post where I said I never think of the future & only want to live in the present).

Between me and you, I honestly don't want to be this version of me. Yeah, this kind of life actually bores me, big time! I want to wake up feeling excited, to go to work doing the job I love. I want to befriend with so many people, chilling and hanging out with different groups of friends every week. I want to be exhausted for not having me-time. I want to have hectic week where home is more like a place for sleep-crashing. I want to experience new things every day. I want to have so many stories to tell that my friends can't catch me up anymore. I want to do things I really love, not some shitty routines. I want people to tell me how much I've changed, even though it's just been a while.

The thing is, I really don't know where to start. I'm trapped in this situation where I'm forced to accept the fate and just do all things I'm doing now. I really want to runaway, or maybe do that eat-pray-love thingy and meditate somewhere by myself. Hoping to get some enlightenment in this near time, coz time flies and I need to get going asap. Or I'll end up dying in desperation. Lol.

Just like my other posts, my writing has no conclusion. And it's kinda anti climax. Whatever.



Samuel Arman said...

This is a very good writing. Your emotion and message are shown vividly through your words. and i don't know that your English was this good. And about you saying that you still don't have any conclusion, don't worry, the most important part to solve a problem is not finding the solution, but realizing that you have a problem in the first place. anyway, great job, and keep on writing :)

Christa Untoro said...

See you in Bali, Je! <3

IJ said...

The writer always captivated me with a very profound and well-thought articles. She always shares about how life is very happy go lucky with no destination. But in fact, this writing has shown the level of quality she has. How she vividly portraying the emotion and the plot twist, is a quality that moves mountain. Sometimes what you seek is actually already in you. You just need to realize it and materialize it..

FK said...

After a long break it seems this blog is back.
Some comment above is what I feel I should've written when faced with this post, but I did not because even for me, it's been so long and I don't know most of my friends anymore. I don't know the writer.

People don't want to be told the same every time they meet, that is true.
Most of the time people are aggravated when you are being silent. So they keep talking about things they assume matters for us, and really they talk about nothing that matters. (like what I write now?)

Friends degenerate into contacts, meeting up degenerates into a war of exchanging achievements among each other' lives. That is the life most people accept and borrowing the writer's perspective, it is boring.
What life means is entirely what you decided it means. That will be the simplest key as a start point. People run with their own rhythm, never ever get absorbed into their tempo and do meaningless stuff with respect to yourself.

The extreme view: Dream jobs are a mask to keep the economy going, by paying tax, by spending money to get access to higher value "needs".

It's like when people ask..? What color are you..?
"I'm white" - which incorporates all colorful colors the eye can see
and that's when you realize --People with color is lacking (other color)..and that is a fact no spectrometer can deny.