April 16, 2013

A note for guys.

This post has been staying in my draft for quite some long time. I've decided to publish this one now since the more I read it, the more I can relate to it. Anyway, this is not my writing. I found this article on Facebook :)

Treat your girl right, bro. Plain and simple.

I know it can be hard to please her sometimes, but it’s worth it in the end. Remember that she’s your happiness, your world. She should be the first person you talk to in the morning, and the last person you whisper “Good night” to. Unlike some of your bros, she’s going to be there for you when you’re the happiest, but more importantly, when you’re at your lowest. She’ll cook for you and care for you, so treat her like a queen. Girls are delicate creatures. Think before you say. Think before you act. They take every little mistake you make and multiply it by a thousand. So try not to mess up, aight? When you’re fighting, sometimes it’s better to put your relationship before your own pride. You’re not helping yourself by making her upset, bro. And never, ever, under any condition, let her go to sleep crying. She’ll resent you for it for the rest of your days. Don’t forget to make her feel special everyday. Open doors, go shopping with her. Hell, make dinner for her! The more you show her you love her, the more she’ll give you in return. Remember that an “I love you” via text is never as special as one in person. And show her off to your bros, don’t be ashamed of her. She’s never been ashamed of your dorky ass. Look, she doesn’t really need much in a relationship; she just wants to feel like she matters to you. That’s not asking for much, bro.
But if you haven’t learned a thing from reading this, remember this. Love her unconditionally, loyally, and keep her close. Love her with everything you’ve got: emotionally, mentally, and physically. Because I swear, if you won’t treat your girl right, someone else definitely will.

Stay tune! :*


Anonymous said...

Hehehe.. I've read this post several times from different source. At first I thought that guy should do those kind of things. She is a special person after all, isn't it? And who doesn't want her to be happy? :d

Lol.. In my pov, a guy who do those is not neccessarily fall into gentle guy, but rather, kind guy :d although some part of the post is true :d

Besides, remember, that love and happiness is not one person works, but both works. One is a partner for the other one ;)

Kalo kata petuah bijak istri manager saia yah.. 2-2 nya harus ngalah hehehe.. (i guess you know what I mean) :d


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