August 4, 2011

Can You Hear Me?

August 04, 2011

I am falling to pieces, I am shattered.
Time is the only element of my world. Sooner, or later. It's just the matter of time.
I have these wishes,
To sleep. To have those beautiful memories, and never be apart.
To live in the dream, not the reality.
To be forever asleep with my sweetest dream, and never awake.
To understand.
To see the broken glasses, the missing puzzle pieces, and the decayed hearts.
No more tears, no more raindrops.
The world has come to an end.
Leave, leave!
To walk at the seashore without leaving any footprints.
To run in the wilderness without looking back.
To quietly scream. To joyfully be mad.
To feel nothing.
To runaway from the sun, and to hide from the moon.
To skip the day and the night.
Run, run, run, far far away!
To never look back, never go back.
Sleep, sleep, sleep!
Enchanted by the lullabies. Hypnotized by the melodies. Mesmerized by the dreamy dreams.
The earth is no longer rotating. The clock is no longer ticking.
No more air to breathe.
Can you hear me?

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