June 20, 2011


Monday, 20.06.2011
05:23 AM

I can't help myself for being such a bloody helpless and hopeless romance victim. Yes, you can say that I'm a dramatic girl. Though my life is so far far away from those happily-ever-after fairy tales, from those forever-and always love story in novels, but admit it, I grow up with these kind of stuffs. I spent my childhood watching Disney Princess; Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. My teenagers? I read a bunch (like A LOT LOT LOT!) of romantic novels. I happened to re-read several novels for like maybe 5 times in a month. I marked my favorite parts (which mostly are the romantic one), and memorized them. I often imagine to be the main character. Not only novels, I also watch plenty of chick-flick movies in my spare time. This is how I'm growing up.

My lovey-dovey fairy tales imaginations apparently don't come in real life. Love story in real life is slightly different from those. I definitely need to reset my mindset about the term 'love story', 'happily-ever-after', and 'forever-and-always'.

Being a total romance victim, I'm very good at crying when it comes to heart break story. Not only mine, but also others! I often cry when my friend broke up. I even cried when this guy I barely know being dumped by his girlfriend. I cry every time I watch drama series, especially when the couple kissed, hugged each other, and finally getting married. Yes, you can say that I'm a teary person. I'm easily touched when it comes to love story.

Looking to my real love story, I learn that love can't be defined. Love is something you feel. It is an unexpected feeling that silently creeping into your heart without you even realize it. You will fall deeply in love even before you realize it. I'm definitely not a master of love. In fact, I suck at love. People know how sucks my love story is. For me, loving is about accepting, giving, and letting go. Love needs time. Time is the one who will reveals love. You will never know how the person who is currently your friend will be the person you cry for in the future. You will never guess who will be the person you have your heart beating for in the future. I guess this is how love grows. Maybe there's no happily-ever-after, maybe there's no forever-and-always. But maybe, just maybe, there is happily-ever-after, and there is forever-and-always. I can't really tell.

As much as I love building my own lovey-dovey and fairy tales stories in my mind, I now understand that love in real life is not as simple as those. I've been in several heart breaks and I still can't tell how love works.

I guess, I will just wait til I understand it :)

Much love,

June 15, 2011


5:30 AM. I'm wide awake and feeling dizzy (thanks to caffeine). Been staying awake all night long in order to finish the whole book. But....... I ended up with only 2 chapters (out of nine), and now, I'm typing this post (yes, using my iPod. I'm too lazy to wake up and grab my laptop). Screw my exam!!! Screw the lecturer!!! Sorry, you dont need to read this rubbish. I just write this for the sake of myself tho. Bcs I cant flood my Twitter's timeline or else everyones gonna unfollow me rightaway. Lol. Anywaaaay, wish me luck!!! I'm so gonna faint studying this so-called Research Method in Marketing. Ciaooo.

June 11, 2011

Kau dan Aku

Langit biru,
Awan putih,
Rumput hijau bergoyang terkena hembusan angin,
Kau dan aku dipertemukan.
Kau goreskan cinta pada tiap lembar hidupku.
Kuberikan senyuman terindah untukmu, sang pujangga cinta.

Langit yang sama,
Awan yang sama,
Rumput yang sama,
Kau dan aku dipisahkan.
Kulambaikan tangan dengan berat hati.
Kau peluk tubuhku erat, tak ingin melepasnya.
Sayang, kita tak bisa bersama.

Salahkah jika kuberharap,
Kau dan aku akan dipertemukan lagi?
Salahkah jika kuberharap,
Kau dan aku akan terus bersama?

Mungkin tidak sekarang.
Mungkin tidak disini.
Mungkin di suatu tempat nun jauh disana,
Dimana langit berwarna hijau,
Awan berwarna merah,
Dan rumput berwarna hitam.
Disana kau dan aku akan dipertemukan lagi.
Disana kau dan aku akan tetap mencinta.
Sampai dunia berhenti berputar, sampai cinta itu hilang.


June 10, 2011



Hi, people!

I want you to meet the new talented rising star, Raisa ♥

This is her first single called 'SERBA SALAH'

I asked her to sign my CD last Monday. Hahaha :]


Oh, and for my friend also


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Cheers ♥

Your Sins are Revealed, Your Fate is Sealed

I just took the SEVEN DEADLY SINS QUIZ and the result didn't surprise me :p

Your sin has been measured. You have committed many sins, but Sloth is the mortal sin that has done you in. Just below, discover your full sinful breakdown and learn what it is about you that condemns you to hell.




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How about you? Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz :)

P.S : I'm bored & hungry as hell. God!!! I think my wrath level is going to increase. LOL.

Cheers :):):)

June 4, 2011

When words fail to speak, let music and its lyric tell...

Glee (Original Song) - Pretending

face to face and heart to heart
we’re so close, yet so far apart
i close my eyes i look away
that’s just because i’m not okay

but i hold on, i stay strong
wondering if we still belong

will we ever say the words we’re feeling
reach down underneath and tear down all the walls
will we ever have a happy ending
or will we forever only be pretending
will we always, always, always be pretending

how long do i fantasize
make believe that it’s still alive
imagine that i am good enough
and we can choose the ones we love

but i hold on, i stay strong
wondering if we still belong

will we ever say the words we’re feeling
reach down underneath and tear down all the walls
will we ever have a happy ending
or will we forever only be pretending
will we always, always, always be

keeping secrets safe
every move we make
seems like no one’s letting go
and it’s such a shame
cause if you feel the same
how am i supposed to know

will we ever say the words we’re feeling
reach down underneath and tear down all the walls
will we ever have a happy ending
or will we forever only be pretending

June 1, 2011

Yes, I'm the victim of love. How about you?

Dear boys, please take your time to read this :)


When she stares at your mouth
Kiss her

When she pushes you or hits you like a dummie cause she thinks shes stronger than you
Grab her and dont let go

When she starts cursing at you trying to act all tough
Kiss her and tell her you love her

When she’s quiet
Ask her whats wrong

When she ignores you
Give her your attention

When she pulls away
Pull her back

When you see her at her worst
Tell her she’s beautiful

When you see her start crying
Just hold her and don’t say a word

When you see her walking
Sneak up and hug her waist from behind

When she’s scared
Protect her

When she steals your favorite hoodie
Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night

When she teases you
Tease her back and make her laugh

When she doesn’t answer for a long time
reassure her that everything is okay

When she looks at you with doubt
Back yourself up

When she says that she loves you
she really does more than you can understand

When she grabs at your hands
Hold her’s and play with her fingers

When she bumps into you;
bump into her back and make her laugh

When she tells you a secret
keep it safe and untold

When she looks at you in your eyes
dont look away until she does

When she says it’s over
she still wants you to be hers

When she reposts this bulletin
she wants you to read it

Stay on the phone with her even if she’s not saying anything

When she’s mad hug her tight and don’t let go

When she says she’s ok don’t believe it, talk with her because 10 yrs later she’ll remember you

Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her

Treat her like she’s all that matters to you

Stay up all night with her when she’s sick

Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think it’s stupid

Give her the world.

Let her wear your clothes

When she’s bored and sad, hang out with her

Let her know she’s important.

Don’t talk about other girls around her

Kiss her in the pouring rain

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥