May 25, 2011

Super-PAPA-Girl :)


Hi !

Let me introduce you to my super girl. Her name is Pricilla Puspita Dewi Suryabrata (@PPDSzun). She's been a friend of mine since the first semester of university. We were in the same class during the orientation, but we've been good friends since the second year (if I'm not mistaken). We're taking the same class ever since. She's my kindeeeeeeeeeesssssssssst friend on earth ! I swear she's the best. Haha. She may look a bit boyish with her very tall posture (this is why I call her PAPA), but still she's a super girl ;)

Every Monday, I sleepover in her apartment. We have class til 9 p.m. And on Tuesday, we have another class on 7.30 a.m. I'm way too exhausted to go home, that's why I decided to sleepover at hers :) Last Monday, I decided to extend my sleepover til Wednesday. I wanted to go to Taman Anggrek, so I asked her to accompany me. I was looking for a birthday present for someone. But too bad I got nothing :(


Anyway, we took so many pics using my new iPod Touch. She said, "I'm making experiments with every effects of these camera applications on your iTouch!" HAHAHA :D

These are some of those random pictures of me and the super-papa-girl :))

Friends are precious...
Cheers :)

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