May 5, 2011

10 guys that will affect your life

1. Your father - Whatever you do, he’ll always be your first love, your hero, your inspiration and the guy that you can forever trust. He is the guy who you can always depend on.

2. Your guy best friend - You may fall for him, or you may not. But the guy best friend will always have a special place in your heart.

3. Your first crush - Whatever you do you will always have this attraction even if you know you cannot have him or he’s just plainly ‘the first crush’.

4. Your first kiss - Whatever happens, he will always have the first taste of your lips. And you will always remember when, where, and how. You will always remember and specifically narrate every bit of the phenomena.

5. Your first boyfriend - He will always be the special one.

6. Your first heartbreak - It may just be a crush, but it will definitely change your opinion in love, men, and relationships.

7. Your celebrity/cartoon crush - You will always day dream of marrying or dating this guy simply because you think he is perfect. But stop! He will never know who you are.

8. Your first suitor - You may like him, or you may have dumped him. But the feeling of being appreciated for the first time will always be very flattering.

9. Your grandfather - If dad’s not around, you can always depend on him.

10. God - Don’t tell me he didn’t affect your life. He is forever loved!

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