January 1, 2011

January ♥

January 1, 2011
ow, first post on the first day of the first month of the new year. BooYeahh !*

Ha-ha-ha. What are you guys up to ? ;) I hope you're doing just fine...Well, happy new year for all of us *toast!* Time definitely flies so fast ! Ck. I need my time machine. Gimme back :'( Oh God, it's 35 days to my birthday. Yes, I'm turning TWENTY. 3 semesters to go, thesis, graduation, job, marriage, family, children, die. Ouch, life's hard. Okay, forgive me for being so random.

Anywaaaaaayssss, let 2011 be a better year for everyone ♥

Many things happened during 2010 that I can barely recall them one by one. To be honest, 2010 has been a pretty hard time for me (and my family). But thank God we passed it through already :) I'm not such a religious person, however I'm truly grateful for God's grace in my life. His blessings are just..... awesome. He never leaves me, that's for sure. I'm blessed and yes I'm proud of it :)

Good bye 2010. Welcome 2011 !!!

By the way, I went to Puri Apartment to celebrate New Year's Eve with my dear friends. Will post some of the pics later on :D

Gotta go, seeya !


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