May 24, 2010

The Wedding ♥

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Such a beautiful and memorable day. I wanna say congratulations to my cousin; my dear sister that everyone loves

I always love wedding party. Can't wait till I have one. HAHAHAHAH.

I won't talk too much. Let these pictures talk :)

Uh Oh ! Well, actually, these are MY OWN photos. lol. Not about the wedding itself *blush*

For more pics, just click here :)

*Yeaaaah as if ... Hahahaha !*



JHEN said...

you look gorgeous in your dress^^. and the way you are. hihi. ahyyiie ~ the last wedding that i had attebted was the wedding of my best friend. yeaah ~ who doesn't want to have wedding. me want it too. hihi, btw, care to link ex ?

Beni-Maru said...

haha jejez tumbenan lw cakep wkwkwkkw *kasar gw* haha jk deh... si sisil di jkt?

Jessica Grace Wibowo said...

Thank You Jhennnn ♥
Sure Let's ! Hahaha :D

Cella sialan. Iya itu mereka pada dtg buat kawinan ini lah, dodol lu XD

Vie said...

cantik~ XD

Jessica Grace Wibowo said...

Thankyou missviona :')