January 30, 2010

stressed out --

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Condition : Sitting in the living room, second floor of my house, with no AC or even a fan, facing the laptop and staring at the powerpoint slideshows of System Thinking Tutorial Chapter 3, and DIGIGITIN NYAMUK !

Feeling : Stress, bad mood, angry, sad, annoyed.

Currently doing : Day dreaming, thinking about unnecessary things, and day dreaming.

Suppose to : Memorizing the causal loop diagram of system thinking.

In fact : Listening to these songs with repeat mode:ON; Ke$ha-Your Love is My Drug, Daniel Powter-Bad Day, & Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway.


I don't like this kind of feeling. Huff~


Jane said...

Hohoho...nice :) thankies also! I luv u full! haha :p

Lim eCha said...

knapa HiTech??? *bandel di bilangin ga usah nanya mala + penasaran..xD