January 8, 2010

rain downs :)

January 7, 2010

#Nowplaying Mika-Rain, Tamia-Officially Missing You.

It's raining baby, oh it's raining :) :)

It's the first rain in 2010 !
One ever said to me, when it is raining, it means that :
God is angry.
Cloud is crying.
and People is unhappy.

Believe it or not, rain always creates the 'blue' effect (well at least for me).
Oh yes i am such a total melancholic girl ;)
And i just love it !

Okay this might be weird, but for me rain is very romantic :)
Yeah fine, i read romance novels too muchhhh. Whatever.

Jessie-The rainy girl.
(Hey i start to love jessie as my nickname :D)

PS : imysm.

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