January 30, 2010

it's over...

Monday, January 19, 2010

hell yeah. simbiz 2010 is officially over. hoorrraaaayyyy. i promise myself that this will be my last event. i won't bump myself off to event's responsibility anymore. i had enough of ecom 2008, ecom 2009, and this one. bye-bye :)
and oh, i would like to thank my partner, Mia, for being such a responsible committee. haha. you are the best ! i can't do nothing without your help, i mean it :)
next, a special thank to Fendy Heryanto. hahahahahaha. thanks for bringing those guys from President University to me ! eventhough you are not my member, still i appreciate it :) *yah walopun lu kritik2 gw melulu sih :p*
after two days waking up at five and getting home at nine, it's finally over.
now it's time to study. final exam is here already. arghh. wish me luck :( :(


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