April 25, 2009

me reflection for 2008 .

A year has just been through. I have spent another 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, and 31 536 600 seconds along this 2008. It was a year that I thought might be the revival of my weaken soul, while at the end I realized that I have not change a lot. What a year ! *sigh*

Now I am trying to find out what the hell are behind those stupid mistakessss.

Well, people keep wondering about this and that, and why things happened in this life, but they just never get the right answers. I am one of those people. I wished for millions but got none. Is life unfair ? You judge.. Somehow, I don't want to judge God. It is enough for me to play with Him. No more...

There are so many choices exist in life. And as well, I got my own choices throughout the year. The problem is, I got lost in those selections !! I didn't even realize that I was in the wrong way (personally). My choice has lead me to a condition with NO CHOICE. Well, I guess I am acting a fair play here. *pheww*

So, about the revival of my weaken soul, I have no idea about what and why. For instance, I am lost. And I am trapped ! there is once a quote saying 'the simplest might take the biggest part'. Well for me, yes it is. One SUPER SIMPLE matter has lead me to a serious stage. Once betrayed, it affects much. I thought a new environment might strength my weaken soul. But again, to this point, I am wrong.

Anyway, I am trying my best to fix and heal my soul. Forgive me, dear God. *hikss* :(

Now here I am. at the end of April. Still seeking hope. And love. And peace.

Still immature. Still unstable. AND STILL HUMAN.

I terribly need a transformation :DD

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Franky said...

tmben bikin refleksi diri.. :D