April 16, 2009


well. i really don't know how to work this bloggy thingy out. hahahahh.
i guess i'd firstly greet u guys ~HELLO :)
welcome to my public affair(s). yeahh ! XD

my very first story, it'll b about my SUPER DAD guys. super dad~ super dad~
(and my poni...)

my poni is terribly out of control !
i cut it by myself (obviously for the reason of SAVING SOME MONEY, but ended up with tearsssss).
it worked nice actually, until my brother's big mouth ran it all !
he continuously said "jelek banged sih. jelek banged sih. jelek banged sih" LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES !!!!

then, i TRIED to ask my daddy for a help.
as far as i know, he's good at almost everything,
but obviously not for this poni-cutting stuffs ! (which i just realize at the end. WELL WELL WELL~)
he proudly said, "papah punya alat penipis rambut lho. yang kayak di salon-salon itu"
then, i gave it up to him T.T i gave him all my poni. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! :( :( :(

okay, this is the magic moment,
he only needed like less than 60 seconds to make me scream.

the condition is,

i closed my eyes (feeling so secure at that time >_<),

i heard he said "NAH !",

then i opened my eyes,

looked down to the floor,

and i found segumpelan of my black hair there !!!!

i was so shocked and scared looking down there at the floor.
i can't believe that MY DADDY CUT MY PONI THAT MUCHHHH :X
and the next minute, i was screaming !

this is not lebay guys.
my brother saw it.
my sister saw it.
and they LAUGHED at me coz of my setengah-botak-poni :( :( :(

and my super lovely dad...... he did it too. laughing at his own work. yeahh rite.

i love you so much my super dad !


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